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Swift development by iSOS, Apple consultants

Swift is a powerful open-source programming language for iOS, OSX, watchOS, tvOS and Linux based operating systems. As experienced Apple consultants and developers, we operate as part of a renowned digital agency that is a certified member of the Apple Consultants Network.

We have built bespoke Swift Apps for a variety of businesses and brands across several industry categories looking to provide services on iPhone, iPad and all other Apple devices. We can oversee a Swift-based project from concept through to implementation, with support every step of the way from our in-house experts. We strive to excel the current standards set by Apple and the open source community of Swift programmers. This is why we move ahead of the competition, and give our customers amazing and reliable results.

Swift Apple Development Services

Swift Apple App Design and Development

Our Process

Understanding your goals
Research and Development
  • We start by understanding your goals

  • Then we do the necessary R&D

  • Which facilitates writing a clear and accurate specification

  • Which we estimate on

Design and Build
  • Once approved, design and build commences

  • We test

  • deploy

  • and continue to maintain

iOS Development

Developing for iOS requires a multifaceted team that can visualise and communicate ideas accurately. Complex requirements need a balance of simplicity and automation to unlock the power of an application. These are the reasons why we believe our expert iOS dev team has the potential to meet your needs at a competitive price.

iOS development
iOS integration


Since we've been working closely with Apple technologies for over twenty five years, we have an in depth understanding of potential functionality across Apple's eco system. Not only do we develop Mac, iPad and iPhone solutions, we incorporate Apple TV, Apple Watch and many other technologies such as iCloud, Apple Pay, Wallet, HealthKit, HomeKit and Game Centre into your Apps.

Why Swift?

We have embraced Swift due to its strict standards which ensure security and speed. We care whole heartedly that our solutions abide by constantly rising standards. Privacy and data protection are now paramount to all things digital. With devices getting smaller and more powerful, the Swift language has been created to enable the next generation of devices.

Why Swift?
Open source

OPEN Source

With Swift being made open source in Dec 2015, it's a young language with huge potential and backing to become the dominant programming language over the next ten years. Swift has been embraced across the globe by both new and experienced programmers, even in schools.

Why iSOS?

Supporting our development team, we have experts that provide Apple server installations and Mac IT support. This is invaluable when defining solutions that need a broad range of experience across all industries, and allows us to maintain the apps that we deploy.

Our experience of building database and web apps over the last decade gives us a headstart when developing Swift apps. Our emphasis on planning, and experience of the technologies that we use, enable us to deliver what we promise.

Why iSOS?

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