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Business Apps

Apps are streamlining workflows and making everyday tasks infinitely more productive. New devices contain additional functionality which enable us to reimagine how your business works.


Extensions are smaller than fully-fledged apps and allow you to extend the functionality of your existing apps. This could be using the iOS Notification Centre, push notifications, or custom hardware.

iOS extensions
iOS location services

Location Services

Having immediate access to the location data for employees and projects allows for more detailed reports and analysis, leading to greater efficiency.


iBeacon technology lets your iOS device sense proximity to a specific location. For example to streamline meeting room availability by automatically detecting when employees are present.

iOS handoff


Handoff lets you use your iCloud account to start an activity on one device, and seamlessly continue on another.


From simply keeping a visual record of a project's progress, to augmenting your field of vision with graphical overlays, having a camera available at the tap of a screen, you can explore options like never before.

iOS camera


AirPlay allows you to mirror your display onto an Apple TV without even needing to connect to the same network. Share presentations, reports, anything.


Access the apps on your device securely, and safeguard your critical data, all with your fingerprint. A single touch ensures that even your most sensitive information stays protected.

Touch ID
iOS integration with SaaS providers

Integration with SaaS Providers

Increasingly data and software is being hosted in the cloud which is why we integrate the apps we build with a huge range of services. This enables your Swift app to act as a centralised viewing platform for all your data.

Off-Device Processing

We can provide services to do the heavy lifting where complex code which would otherwise jeopardise devices battery life.

Why iSOS?
Distributed iOS systems

Distributed Systems

Redundancy should be at the core of your solution. We will alway assess how a distributed system could benefit you and how it woud changes the architecture of your application.

Integration with legacy systems

Existing workflows are often irreplaceable without great cost to businesses. A new solution should integrate well, neither duplicating functionality nor interfering with systems which are already in place.

iOS integration with legacy systems

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